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ranking tip

Choosing the best keyword for a particular post can bring about an increase in traffic.
Knowledge of how to rank a keyword would father the knowledge on how to choose a perfect title and website basic keyword usage. Google uses keyword to categorize and rank websites. 

For this note, having a wrong keyword would mean, you are competing with strong website with high S.E.O score and online authority than you or targeting your content materials to wrong audience hereby increasing bounce rate and decreasing site rank on search engines.
This would make your website come last after these websites.
Before trying to rank for any keyword, try knowing your competitor's and working on a strategy to beat them.

Today, I give strategic insights on how to be the best on any keyword of your choice but before then, brush yourself up with this guide on beginners to keyword ranking on search engine.

1. Make a long content; Have ever wondered why short texted content site don't always make it up to the No. 1 of search engines. It is simple, Google SERP would rather prefer a long content to a short one. It implies, the writer knows about the message which he is trying to convey.
Shorter text content would implies, shorter knowledge of your post content.
The usual recommended length for every post should be a minimum of 500 words.

To be able to rank for a particular keyword, you must be able to step up your writing and become the best. 

This doesn't mean that you should fill up a post with tautology and jargon's.

2. Fill post with the content keyword:
This goes beyond inserting important most searched words. It also involves knowing your target audience.
You should include Not too much and not too small. Insert your keyword in the best appropriate places. If you don't know what keywords are? And how to use keywords for traffic rate increase? try checking here for a detailed information.
Excess of these keywords would result in the search engine ranker tagging your site as spam so, you are advised to follow guidelines.

3. Make an outstanding title for your post; This can be a little tricky but you need to know how to generate titles that search users would make use of.
The best titles closest to the search keywords would gain first place.

4. Use more pictures and videos;
Make use of more and more pictures. Try to even embed related videos of the title into your post.
This would place your website first and best amongst others.

As much as you want to start embedding videos right away, you should also consider your website loading speed. It's best you have a channel on YouTube and then upload your videos and embedding your video links into your post content.
By doing this, you relief your website of the video loading and hereby linking your users to your YouTube channel for them to follow your contents better.

Hey, let stop here for now. 
Watch the below which i found useful to this post.

5. Look for backlinks to that post; Search ranker loves when people link to others. Try to create backlinks with quality trusted websites. This would also boost the authority of your website.

6. Make Sure that your post isn't too loaded;
Make sure that your post isn't too loaded that it will slow down the speed of your website. If you title is too large that you can exhaust all your points in one post, make another post and do a continuation from there.
This would increase the click rate on your blog hereby increasing its relevance.

You should also read on how to write a blog post effectively.

7. Make your post interactive; Try to make your post comment section interactive. You should also try to write your post contents in an interactive way that would spur your readers to comment. Don't  This means your audience has fully understood your post. When they ask any question, make sure you reply back to them.
webmaster tool

Google gives the responsibility to bloggers and website owners to choose whether to showcase their website on their search engine or not.
This method I would be giving, would be more of using the Google webmasters tool effective. Other areas which include settings and c-panel check would be discussed on another post.

Things you need to do for a better indexing of your website

1. Make use of a mobile friendly theme: The theme you use for your site is a great influence on the growth of the site. An unfriendly theme that doesn't support mobile screen would surely not rank high on search engines.

You would also agree with me that 60% of the internet users mostly surf the internet with mobile screen.

Imagine having a website where more than half of your users can't access its contents because of the poor quality template installed.
Quality template can now be gotten free from Gooyaabitemplates or you could buy a premium version for as low as $8 from envato or themeforest.

2. Optimize your website speed if slow: This is another major factor to consider. The speed of a website is its pride. A slow website would acquire more bounce traffic rate because of the impatience of researchers.

You could also enhance your mobile website speed experience by simplified your web page, removing too much inline css codes and compressing your large documents folders.
If you are a beginner, this would sound New to you. I advice you get someone to do this for you.

3. Simplify your web content script to avoid overloading. (Read more)

4. Optimize your S.E.O score to 60% - 80% (Read more)

Now that we have known the basic knowledge to have a better search indexing, we should now move over to the main topic.

Most times, newly started website's have the problem of Google index. 

When we say a website isn't indexed on Google Search Engine, it simply implies that your website isn't allowing Google crawler engine access your website contents.
This is very bad for S.E.O optimization because, for your site to be ranked on Google search, a bot script has to be embedded in your web script and would then crawl through your website contents and then categorize and later rank it.

How to index your website on Google Search Engine

Note that before having your website indexed on Google search database, you would need to get a Google email identity (Gmail Account). This identity would be used to keep track of your website traffic analysis and optimization rate. If you don't know how to open a Google mail account, don't worry because I got you covered with this guide here.

  • Click here to get redirected to Google's webmasters tool 
  • Input your Gmail I'd and you would get redirected to Google webmasters tool
  •  On the left side of your toolbar, click on "Add property".
  • Input your website URL link
  • Verify the website ownership by inserting a meta script into your web script or choose your best suite.

Click verify to conclude.

Also note that your website wouldn't instantly be indexed on Google Search Engine. It usually takes up-to 24 hours to be fully verified.
After been fully verified, you can now access your webmasters toolbox and see your site's analysis report.

Increase your blog traffic
Getting more and more real organic traffic everyday is the sole desire of every blogger. As bloggers we just always want. ur voices to be heard across the world with the articles we write from time to time and subsequent publications.
Even as you have newly started your new blog or have been blogging for some time, having extra 200,000 real organic traffic would sound wowing and mouth watering.
Today I wouldn't be making magic or performing some over skilled tech. Just be sure that the 200,000 traffic could be the minimum for your blog depending on how well you take this tutorial seriously. You could even generate twice the amount of traffic I estimated or generate lower than the estimated amount of traffic, it all depends on you.
Without much beating around the bush, let us move on to our main goal.
How to generate 200,000 instant real organic traffic to your blog totally free.

 #1 Pay much attention to online forums:

You can't fully underestimate the forum.  The forum is a social arena for online gathering. You need to join forums and chip in your blog materials. From this method, you are meant to generate at least 2000 or more traffic everyday to your blog just by solving people's complaints through your blog.
There are different forums for different blog topics, so you are advised to go look for a forum related to your blog topic.

#2 Write for Magazine publications:

As you would say 'i am just a blogger, why do I need to write magazine publications?' 
As a blogger, like it or not, you are also performing over 40% or more of journalism. If you so desire to step up your blog for world attention, then you need to take your time to build it.
Magazine publication are the very foundation of bloggers. People still read magazines and not all use the internet. You can inform these magazine readers about your blog and convert them into long lasting traffic.
This process can generate over 10,000 more traffic. Some magazine publication companies also give opportunity for you to submit your blog url for backlinks.
It really isn't a big deal if you look at it. All you need to do is spear some time and write an outstanding article. You can even now write an outstanding 5000 words article in just 1 hour without stress.
There are varieties of magazine publications with high PageRank, so I would advice you to go look for the one that best suits you.

#3 Verify your Social Media Account; 

Using the social media as a vital tool to growing traffic would be the most ideal method for bloggers to grow long lasting traffic. Popular social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp & Snapchat regularly receive billions of traffic daily. These traffic could be transferred into your blog and finally converted into long lasting traffic. Ynoou should read the guide on 'how to transfer social media traffic into your blog'.

#4 Advertise your blog locally;

As a blogger, you need to tell people around you what you do and what you can offer them.
Everone needs his or her need to be ssatisfied. Some might be entertainment, tutorial, fashion etc. All these categories I mentioned are been needed by people, all you need to do is to identify your audience and satisfy them.
Try talking more, sharing ideas more on regular daily conversations related to your category and joining clubs and groups. 
Are you a konga affiliate member and desire to multiply your commission income?
Konga which is one of the biggest online shopping mall where goods like gadgets & clothings sales geometrically increases daily.
You can earn a 100% extra or more of your regular commission if you stick to rules guiding konga sales.

Today, I will be giving deep insights on how you can generate huge amount of income which would be covering best marketing strategy, detailed insight on how to use forums and the social media for best sale increment, most used tool for konga marketing and our very recommended update on Konga Marketing Strategy Guide (KMSG) 2016.

                  Let's skip the chitchat

              Marketing Strategy
As a marketer, you need to be one step ahead of your customers, knowing their needs and trying your possible best to satisfy them.
As you market goods, you should try to ask yourself thesame question that would be on your mind if you were the buyer.

You should consider

#1 Needs

The usual saying "Humans are insatiable" must be checkmated. You would need to know exactly how and when your customers would need a particular product. You would need to understand a particular country regions need and why that product would be need there the most, this will help you place specific needs to specific regions.

#2 Price

You should learn to understand your customers pocket range. The knowledge of your customers pocket level would help you know what kind of product to advertise.
Assuming you're advertising a gadget worthy $500 to your customers that has a pocket range of $200. You would be shocked that you wouldn't make any sale for that particular advert. The simple reason is that, your product advert is above your customers pocket range. The longer time you spend knowing your customers pocket level, the better your sales on every advert placement.
Now, you might be saying;
How do I know my customers pocket level?
Don't worry, watch this video I embedded. I will wait for you to conclude with the video before moving on.

#3 Availability

The availability of the product to be sold should also be very paramount to you as the marketer. You should also try contacting konga user personnel and checking for the availability of that particular product before advertising.

Now, we have discussed on marketing strategy, let's go down to

      Using Forums and social media
      platforms for increased konga
 commission sales.

As a marketer, you must have known the importance of the social media & forums in the marketing of your products.
With the knowledge of the amount of traffic social media platforms attracts everyday, you could take up that chance to place your advert in front of their screens.
Although, the sad part of this method is that, you could make use of it and eventually wouldn't be able to drive a single sale in your account.
This session will be giving you insight on how to use forums and social media with regards to the best time for you to advertise on these platforms. We would be using these two social platforms, Facebook & Twitter as case study.

                 Using Facebook
1. Increasing your Friend list: As a marketer, your FB friends list should be huge. This would make it possible for your advert placement to spread faster and easier that's when you post an advert, your friends see it, performs an action on it, either like it or do otherwise and thereafter, their friends would also see your advert post because of the the action performed by someone on their friend's list.

2. Opt-in for more groups and pages;
Another great easier means provided by FB to share your advert to more people is called the groups and pages.
You would need to search for groups and pages related to the product intended to advertise. Try to constantly follow that group or page, make contributions, contact the group or page admin and create some discussion. You should also regularly post your advert placement at least twice a day.

3. Make use of marketing keywords; Using the right optimized keyword when placing advertisements would lead to increased view. You should checkout our list of optimized marketing keywords here.

4. Hash tagging; This another impressive way of marketing. When you place hash tags # on keywords, your post gains more tendency to reach more people.

5. Multi Media publishing; As much as many marketer would try to avoid this session, the hard truth is that multi media publications still rule the internet.
Make and publish more videos and pictures.

                 Using Twitter
1. Use more multi media tools; Yea, this tool also works for the Twitter media. The more pictures and videos you post, the better the chance of it spread. It could be through shares from lovers of post. 

2. Hash tagging more; The same application for the FB media network goes here. The more you hash tag your contents, the more it spreads to many. Also try using popular optimized keywords as earlier stated on the FB platform.

3. Use marketing keywords; You must have known we would get to this point. Keywords when marketing is a germaine tool you need to be successful. I would still refer you to our list of most popular keywords every marketer needs.

4. Follow more;
When you follow people more, you get enlisted on their followers list and hereby making it easier to make more sales. 

5. Post more;
Post regularly would help inform people about yourself and product. Post meaningful things related to your product and try to persuade people about it too.
Although posting can help during internet marketing, you should take into consideration the best possible time you should post and how to post.

6. Followers would also be needed;
Try all you can to gain more twitter followers. You also take up a 3 way guide on how to do so here.

(Wow, we
are almost there)

        Tools for Konga Marketing
I promised I would give you all you needed for an increased sales on Konga in the beginning of this post and I would keep to it.
This session we would be looking at tools we can use for konga marketing.
Please note that these tools are just my recommended tools and I am not in any way advertising for any company. You could use any tool convenient with you or use the recommended tools enlisted here.

1. Email Marketing Service; Mailchimp

     Others include
a) Aweber
b) Getresponse

2. Email Collector; SumoMe

3. Social Management; Buffer

          Others include;
a) Hootsuite
b) IF

4. Multimedia Design; Canva

5. Advertisements; AdSense
Others include
a) Propeller Ads
b) Bidvertiser
c) Chitika

Wow, you would agree with me that this post has been a real package.
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And now for our very recommended Konga Marketing Strategy Guide (KMSG), we have cooked up an ebook for you to complete the package.

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